Putroe Phang Park is located in the Sultan Palace compound area in Banda Aceh. This park was made for the wife of Sultan Iskandar Muda, Putroe Phang, meaning Princess Pahang, who came from Pahang, Malaysia. In the park there is a unique building which recalls the structure’s history and was made […]

Putroe Phang Park

Tsunami Museum
The Aceh Tsunami Museum, located in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, is a museum designed as a symbolic reminder of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami disaster, as well as an educational center and an emergency disaster shelter in case the area is ever hit by a tsunami again. The Aceh […]

Tsunami Museum

PLTD Apung
PLTD Apung 1 is an electric generator ship in Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia that has become a tourist attraction. The 2,600 ton vessel had been in the sea and was flung 2 to 3 km inland by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. It was owned by PLN, the local […]

PLTD Apung (Stranded Ship)

Tsunami Monumen
As the name suggests, this monument was built in the memory of those who died in the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. People from places near and far visit this monument to pay homage to all those who lost their lives because of this catastrophic tsunami.

Tsunami Monument