Oral Presentation

The Oral presentation will be the only part of sessions on the 2nd day of AIWEST-DR 2018. Sessions will take place parallel in six rooms at the Hermes Palace Hotel (Aceh 1, Aceh 2, Aceh 3, Medinah 1, Medinah 2, and Medinah 3) rooms.

Please note that oral presentations should no longer than 15 minutes (including questions and answer).

Please ensure you will not go over the presentation time limit – question and discussion time will be scheduled for each session by a moderator.

Technical Requirements for Presentations

Please prepare your slides as a PowerPoint file or a PDF and bring them with you to the conference. You will need to load your presentation onto the computer before your time, to facilitate a smooth transition between speakers, our staff will help you. You may submit your PowerPoint file of a PDF to the Easyshare system.

The AIWEST-DR 2018 computers will run MS PowerPoint 2013. Only MS PowerPoint (*.ppt or *.pptx) presentations with video formats will be accepted. The pre-installed font types available in MS Office 2013 should be used as standard font types. Please use 4:3 as presentation format and please do not use special fonts, which are not part of the standard PowerPoint package.

If your presentation contains links to video files, it is essential that you bring not only your PowerPoint file, but also your video files. Most video files types (e.g. .MP4, MPEG, .wmv, .AVI, etc.) are accepted. All videos linked to PowerPoint slides must be tested and checked in advance to be sure they will work properly.

Place all audio and movie files linked with the presentation into a single file folder (e.g. when transferring the presentation from your hard disk to removable drives such as USB sticks). Do not use any passwords or encryption for your files.

Session Room Equipment

Session rooms will contain the following basic equipment:

  1. Table and chair with a microphone, laptop, and mouse;
  2. Chairperson table with microphone(s);
  3. The screen displaying the PowerPoint presentation;
  4. Presentation timer;
  5. Microphones for audience questions.